E750 - Wireguard tab disappeared

After upgrading my E750 from 3.211 to 3.215, I redid my Mullvad VPN setup. For some reason, the Private key field was switched with the DNS field. Being stupid, I deleted “wireguard-tools” package. I reinstalled 1) Wireguard, 2) Wireguard-tools, 3) kmod-Wireguard & 4) Luci-Proto-wireguard. However, in GUI VPN drop down list, the VPN client & VPN server tabs no longer appear. Are there any other missing packages I need to reinstall to have it appear again? Thanks!

Update: so if I enter http://E750-ROUTER-ADDRESS/#/wgclient , the page loads. But when I try to add a new Mullvad config, it says “WARNING: The API is unavailable”.

I tried to find the “gl-wg” & “gl-wg-server” packages to reinstall but can’t find anything.

Looks like I was able to resolve the issue by downloading the .ipk here : glinet/ath79 at master · gl-inet/glinet · GitHub

But the problem in which the Private Key and the DNS fields are switched still stands. I need to manually switch them to make it work. Any solutions on this?

Maybe just simply reset the firmware.

Really? Because you use the UI to pull Mullvad config, this should not be wrong. Otherwise all users will scream.