E750C4 VPN Switch

Dear Support,
Just install a new E750C4 its working VPN is also working when i put on on the PC
The switch at the side is not working.
I update firmware to the latest also.
Can you let me know what i do rong ??

Firmware 3.215?

Are you using openvpn or wireguard?

Yes firmware 3.215
I use openvpn

any update about this matter ??

I tried my E750 and 3.215 firmware, the switch works OK.

When you move the switch, do you see message pop up on the screen?
It should display “Turning OVPN ON”, “Turning OVPN OFF” etc.

No i get no message i need to put the vpn on on the website. do you want i make a video ?

Screenshot and log are fine because Video is generally blur.

i find the problem, you need to go settings and set the switch on to what function.
So problem solve.