EAP, PEAP for GL-AR300M16-Ext?

Hi there

I bought this cause I saw some references on amazon to EAP support for repeater mode. However, I can’t seem to connect the router to the WiFi.

I see the said, I can enter a username and password but it doesn’t connect.

Windows machines connects automatically

Android phones need to use EAP - PEAP mode and do not validate certificate. I don’t see these kinds of options on the GL-AR300M16. Is it supposed to be automatic? Is it supported?


You can use ‘Advanced Settings’:

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Just a FYI: There’s a known limitation if your EAP authorization/details are more than 32 characters. See the following for a discussion & workaround:



I can’t put a screen shot but, I guess I need to install the Luci plug in?

Thanks for the info, it’s not that long

Yup. GL GUI → System → Advanced Settings. LuCI’s default password is the same as your GL GUI. The default login is the root for the administrator name.

I’m having trouble with the parameters
Authentication parameter shows as red text and PAP but I can’t fix anything on it?

I have the encryption chosen

I’d really be using a computer proper than a mobile/tablet device for work within LuCI. Mobile browsers aren’t the most reliable things when it comes to the scripting used by that web interface.

Windows, MAC, and IOS seem automatic but this router doesn’t handle it automatically. Here are the settings I’m trying to get to from android instructions

Do you have the log?

Didn’t get a chance to goto the school to check yet and I’m on vacation now.

Is the log that’s easily available to retrieve or something I have to turn on?


You can get the log in Luci, the interface attached above. Go to status->system log