Easytether - HELP AR750s (Slate)

I’ve been trying to get this working on my router. I had easytether working on my OpenWRT router and it worked great. I like the mobility of the AR750 (Slate), so it would be preferred over a lug of a large router.

I believe I’ve followed all instructions on both Easytether’s website and even the ones on GliNet’s site. I also have looked through the forums, and haven’t been able to solve the issue.

I believe I have installed the correct driver onto the router, and it appears to work correctly. However, It won’t connect on my phone - it just remains “Waiting for connection from the host” and that message never goes away.
If I change the default USB actions on my phone to “USB Tethering” I am prompted to select the USB0 interface in the router - and then I have network connection, but I’m capped with my network provider’s settings.
When I used my OpenWRT device, it worked simply plugging into the USB and not setting the phone’s setting to “USB Tethering”

I’m not sure where else to go or what else to do.

It is a newer phone, and I don’t have my old phone to troubleshoot with. I’m using a Galaxy A32 5G running Android 11.
The cable I connect with is a USB C (Phone end) to a regular USB on the AR750s router.

Does this post help Unable to tether on GL-AR750?

Is it possible to share the experience about easytether