Easytether not bypassing hotspot limit

I’ve used Easytether with OpenWRT-based routers for years. But I haven’t for about the past six months. Trying to set it back up on a fresh router / new setup and noticed that the hotspot data usage keeps incrementing upwards even after I had Easytether enabled.

Before I embark on a long process of research and troubleshooting, anybody know what might be the issue? Carrier is Spri (merged with TMob now). Only other thing different is OpenWRT 19 now instead of 18. Easytether is running on Samsung S20 and AR150 just fine. But Easytether isn’t doing its job.

I can tether my regular hotspots on both Android and iPhone just fine. All three setups are working, only problem is Easytether isn’t bypassing hotspot limit.

Seems this should be a problem of easytether, as its purpose is to bypass the hotspot limit.

You can also change back to openwrt 1806 (firmware 3.104) to verify if the problem happens in old version.

Thank you. Just to confirm, for the AR150 (Atheros9331 CPU), is the preferred Easytether driver ar71xx, ath79, or something else?

AR71xx is for openwrt 1806, our firmware 3.105 and older

ATH79 is for openwrt 19.07, our firmware 3.201 and newer

Yep, I got it working on latest versions. Issue was a misconfiguration conflict. Have a related issue, but that’s a topic for another thread. Thank you for the input, @alzhao