EasyTether on 3.201 GL-MT300N-V2

I followed all of the instructions at EasyTether - GL.iNet Docs and was able to install easytether-usb from the 19.07.3+ drivers. Everything works other than the update to /etc/config/network to add the extra wan config for tap-easytether disappearing after reboot. I fixed that by modifying the existing ‘wan’ config to use ifname ‘tap-easytether’ instead of ‘eth0.2’.

Everything seems to connect – the phone says Connection Established, I see the device at, and I see some traffic flowing on the tap-easytether interface. However, my internet browser can’t go to any sites (“ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED”), and on the router I can’t ping any internet sites – names seem to get resolved to IPs, but all of the pings fail.

Any suggestions? In the logs I see “Apr 17 06:26:00 2021 daemon.info dnsmasq[2316]: using nameserver”, but when I try to ping that IP I don’t get any response. is the router?

What is the IP of the phone’s easytether interface?

I think it’s The website issue was actually just a matter of me not having the full version of EasyTether. After purchasing it I can get to websites as expected.

However, the connection seems to have problems. Despite good mobile speeds, internet sites such as cnn.com don’t load completely, with many of the ads timing out. Similar issues with trying to load up pages on my phone connected to the router, where sometimes the pages will entirely timeout. Tethering via standard Android USB tethering doesn’t have these same issues. It’s as if either the phone or router are struggling with too many open connections. When working properly, the bandwidth is quite good, as I’m able to stream a 1080p video on youtube.

I don’t see anything in the system logs indicating that the easytether-usb connection is dropping or anything. Any suggestions?

Perhaps it is the load on the router itself. Here are some averages from Luci’s realtime monitoring graph:

1 Minute Load: 1.20 Average: 1.14 Peak: 1.74
5 Minute Load: 0.96 Average: 0.85 Peak: 1.02
15 Minute Load: 0.77 Average: 0.71 Peak: 0.78

The load is OK. It will be lower if you do not open the UI of the router.

Sorry I don’t have experience in easy tethering.

But I know a lot of people is using it.

Maybe you can set custom dns on the router without using the phone’s dns