Easytether stability issue

(note: GL guys, no need to reply this post, I know Easytether isn’t officially supported by you. Just need to ask the other users if anyone has experienced this issue and if any possible workarounds are known, thanks.)

Using Easytether 1.1.19 on GL-AR150 running 3.201.

Easytether connection is running. But while downloading some Youtube videos to test the connection, the connection dies until I unplug/replug the Android phone (Samsung S20) usb cable from the router. At which point the connection is good again.

It’s good for maybe 10-15 minutes before it dies. Only one device connected. Download speeds 1-3MB/s.

I read about other users’ Easytether connections dying when they were idle. But this connection is very active. Maybe I need to upgrade to more powerful router?

Any tricks to make the Easytether connection more stable?

Any feedback appreciated, thank you.

No zero reply. But sorry I don’t know.

Any fix on this? I’m having the exact same issue with no luck. Even tried scripts

I saw somewhere else someone wondering if it was just a ‘small cpu being overloaded’ problem, which made me wonder the same thing.

I switched to an AR750S (Slate) and the problem hasn’t reappeared. Another benefit of the AR750S is much more disk space to install packages etc.

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In my opinion, the OS seems to be blocking the operation of EasyTether (or USB Eathernet) services.
Battery “optimization” features by Google and other companies are becoming more powerful in newer operating systems. Especially noticeable on Android 10 and above.

And, the USB terminal has a feature to control the host and protocol in both hardware and software.
Depending on the combination of device and cable, even if the router side determines that it has been disconnected, the Android side may determine that the connection is still ongoing.

In my case, some devices didn’t recognize the disconnect under certain circumstances and didn’t respond when the router requested a reconnect (Android9 / Huawei).
Other devices required ADB commands to make the service resident (some optimization services do not offer a fully resident option).

Other things I came up with

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