EasyTether, which IPK for the Mango MT300N-v2

I am trying to get EasyTether (on Android Phone) to tether to the GL.Inet travel router model mt300n-v2

(link: GL-MT300N-V2 (Mango) - GL.iNet Docs 3)

which uses the CPU MTK 7628NN 580MHz


I think this is a Media Tek chipset, but the file might be under “ramips”.

Specifically, is the right file:

  1. ramips: mt76x8 / easytether-usb-tiny_0.8.9-5_mipsel_24kc.ipk


  1. mediatek: mt7622 or mt 7623

Note and context: The docs do reference EasyTether

And that doc refers to

which says

"Find out the chip of your model (for example Atheros 9531, MediaTek MT7620N, etc) from the website. "

Unfortunately, there is ambiguity (to my newbee mind) about whether the right IPK for the chip here (MTK 7628NN) is in Mediatek folder or in the ramip folder.

Note2: This is the v2 version of the “mango” travel router. The v1 might be different.


Choose mt76x8.

Also check the openwrt version. There is differnece between OpenWrt 1806 and 1907 etc.