EC25 on GL-X750 CLIP support

I’ve got an EC25 module (EC25AFFAR07A08M4G) and I can’t get back a name with CLIP after a RING. I can send CLIP=1 and it says OK. Then immediately send CLIP=? and I always get back (0,1). I was able to get back a CLIP(1,1) with the same SIM on a different device (EC25 modem). How can I tell if it’s the modem that won’t support CLIP(1,1)? Ultimately, I need to be able to see the incoming SIP INVITE or the name on the CLIP payload as a minimum.

Have you looked at the AT+QURCCFG=“urcport”, [“usbat” or “usbmodem” or “uart1”] AT command?

It may be something like AT+QURCCFG=“urcport”, “uart1”to get those features working.

I tried the different settings and none seemed to make a difference.

Possibly doing searches on AT+QURCCFG and AT+CLIPS will net you more options on getting that feature working. It appears to be finicky with some modem models.

I’ve been looking and I haven’t been able to get anything to work. TY for the help!