Edit the web interface?


I was looking to edit the web interface provided in the Gli firmware - can anyone suggest if this is possible?



OK, I figured it out - if anyone else is interested the html files can be modified in the rootfs/usr/share/glweb folder

Thanks for the great products glinet!

Yes. You can edit it for personal use without problems.

Only personal use?

The firmware based on WDDRT and so it is covered under the same GPL.

Therefore if the modifications stick to the terms in the GPL then it doesn’t matter what the use is.

Is this not correct?

is there a github repo for this?

@adamount, No it is not correct.

We have already published our GPL code. For the UI, it is open source but it not GPL. I.E. The UI is copyright protected.

Hi @alzhao, understand the UI is copyright. But if I were to want to modify the VPN to add a feature to find the fastest server etc, are the CGI files protected too or available to modify for personal use?

If it’s for personal use…how would anybody ever know anyway?

@Glitch it’s not that anyone would know, it’s just that they’re not readable once compiled. The glweb is readable (html, css, images etc)