[EE UK] Spitz AX incompatible with EEUK?

Ive just taken dleivery of my 5G Spitz, set it up. Updated to the latets snapshot. Inserted my EE sim into the device and fought through the setup process.

Going from my 5GEE router to the Spitz however, ive gone from ~150mb/s down to 15mb/s

I noticed in the band info the ul/dl bandwidth is set to 30M, not sure how to correct this?

I also cannot figure out how to edit the APN to disable ipv4 and run ipv6. EE is ipv6 only on the FWA connections, so the spitz appears to be having a hissy fit with the ipv4 connectivity over the APN.

Finally, my local mast is 4G only, there is a 5G mast 5/6 miles away but the signal is poor. The device appears to be trying to use the very poor 5g signal over the excellent 4g signal (the 4g mast is within 200m of me, direct line of sight, no obstructions)

Assistance gratefully received!

You can set band masking to force use LTE in cellular settings.

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This has resolved the issue. Im guessing it was trying to switch to the 5G network it could just hear and thus dropped out the connectivity on the 4G network.

Im still looking for the setting to force an APN into Ipv6 only mode, but this is less important now :slight_smile:

thanks again

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