EEPROM recovery tool

Is there an EEPROM programmer that will work with the chip in the MT300N? I have searched around but it seems the chip in this router is a slightly different version to the known compatible one.


I’d really like to get an EEPROM programmer to program in circuit the chip so I can make lots of modification but still be recoverable.

I think it is just a SPI programmer.

EZP 2010 is what we are using:

But I think others can work as well.

Thanks, do you ICSP the chips? I don’t want to desolder to program them so I’ll probably use a SOP8 clip.

I have no info about ICSP or JTAG about this chip. But there is no interface in the board. So be careful.

I’m thinking of one of these, to program it while it’s on the board.


Maybe you can try. I am not sure if this will work. As the flash is connected with other component in the PCB.

But maybe it will work. who knows.