Em160r-gl (Lenovo branded) not detected at all

I tried upgrading to an em160r-gl and I just can not get it to show up in any way at all even with modem manager or ROOter and an entirety different router with a different m.2 adapter any suggestions?

Check this thread Using MT1300 with QUECTEL EM160R-GL - #12 by alzhao

Try 3.211 firmware.

My router doesn’t say it has an update. Where would I get this firmware from? I have a gl-x300b if that makes a difference

Here for X300B GL.iNet download center

Should I update it through Luci or is there another way I’m missing?

Just upgrade the firmware via the default firmware. Firmware Upgrade - GL.iNet Docs

Ok I updated an tested it out. It didn’t change anything luci still can’t even see the usb interface things (the ttyUSB things)

I just asked in Using MT1300 with QUECTEL EM160R-GL - #14 by i7bar too se if thre is any driver needed.

Alright thanks. Let me know if they respond.