Enable IPv6 with Cellular Orange


I'm trying to setup a GL-XE300 Puli to use IPv6 on cellular.

Configuration :

  • Protocol : QMI
  • Port : /dev/cdc-wdm0
  • APN : Orange
  • Authentification : PAP
  • Username : orange
  • Password : orange

IPv6 configuration :

  • Mode : NAT6
  • DNS acquisition method : Automatic

When i enable the IPv6, Internet stop working. If i disable it, cellular get an IPv4 address and internet works. Is there any specific parameter i need to setup to get it works with IPv6 ?

I tested the sim card on my phone and IPv6 is working without any additional configuration.

Thanks for your help,


Which Orange, as Orange Poland use NAT64 for example.

My bad, Orange France.

NAT64 is not an option in the configuration window :frowning:

Actual Openwrt supports NAT64, so it's down to GL-iNet to confirm why it's not supported in the stock firmware.