Enable Lease timeout without internet?

I am using the MT1300.

I have a use case where I need to enable a guest network, but I won’t be connected to internet. However, I do not want the devices that connect to the router stay on longer than 5 minutes.

To try to set this up I did the following:

  1. Went to Captive Portal
  2. Did not enable captive portal
  3. Set lease timeout to 5 minutes

It appears this 5 minute lease timeout does not apply, but Im sure its because the captive portal is not enabled. However, I cannot enable captive portal because the router will not have internet.

Am I missing something?

This user case is very special.

Chaing lease time does not forbid the devices to connect.
You are right that the portal may not work without Internet.

It is difficult to implement.

You can surely kick out some devices in 5 mintues, but devices will connect back immediately unless you blacklist them. But then you will have a long backlist.

Seems not worth the effort to do this for such a case.

Can you give me a clear answer?

The captive portal may not work without internet? Or the capital portal WILL NOT work without internet?

I don’t care if the devices connect again after 5 minutes. I just need to kick them off so new devices can connect.

The mt1300 only has a limit of 40 devices. I might need 100 devices to connect over the course of 4 hours.

The use case is for file transfer over local network. I need to make sure once the user gets the file, they do not remain on the network and keep other users from connecting and getting their files.

I remember that is is “WILL NOT”. I can confirm next week when I do a real test.