Enable Shell History?


Is there a command that I can type into my SSH session that will enable the shell history? One that survives a reboot?

If not does anyone have a shell script that would start it, so I can use arrow keys to scroll through the command history?

I searched the forum but nothing obvious came up.

Thanks :pray:

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Can you try to install bash as per:

Then update your shell for root in /etc/passwd by replacing ash with bash:

Thanks for that, I had a wee look at it, but itโ€™s quite a bit more complicated and daunting than I thought, I was hoping you could just type a command or pop a script into a dir that ran at boot.

I use Merlin on my Asus Router and thereโ€™s an amtm option for shell history, I was hoping for a similar option. No biggie, I can retype or copy paste commands.