Enable VPN client for router remote management only

Hello, I would like to enable OpenVPN client for allowing remote management of the GL-iNet router from the remote network.

If I enable the VPN, I can manage the router from the remote network, but all traffic is routed through the VPN, which is not what I want.

If I also enable the VPN policies, I cannot manage the router from remote network anymore.
I have tried different combination of rules with no success.

Any suggestions?


Pls post details of your setup.

You set up vpn client on the router, so what is the vpn server? How did you set up?
How did you access the router remotely, e.g. using what IP address?
Can you give a diagram of the setup, mark the IP addresses.

VPN server is a private one running on my home router, an Ubiquiti EdgeRouter ER-4 with a private class A address (10.x.y.0/24). My X-750 has private class C range ( I set up a static route on my home router and I can reach the X-750 management page without any problem, at least until when I activate VPN policies on the X-750.

What I need is to keep the VPN connection active so I can access the management page remotely, but I don’t want any traffic from the X-750 clients to be routed to the VPN.

Is this possible?

Any ideas? Do you need any further detail?


I see. Then you should try firmware 4.x and use fully customized vpn policy which work for you.

Awesome, I didn’t know a (beta) firmware v.4 was available for X750!
I’ll try it out immediately and let you know.


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@alzhao That worked! Thank you so much.

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wow. You did it so fast. Generally people have endless questions when upgrade to a totally different UI.