Enabling inbound traffic to MT300A in repeater mode

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I’ve been playing around to get setup a new MT300A, working great as a repeater and enabling devices to connect to the internet over my wifi network. I then thought this would work for a remote workshop whereby I can have an Raspberry PI controlling some devices and access the RPI’s web interface from my house network which is the same network as the wifi.

So I have: Internet -> {hardwire} Main Router -> {hardwired} Asus RT AC66U -> {wifi} MT300A - tablet and RPi

Traffic outbound to the internet or other devices appears to be working well, going back from a browser on my Asus network to the RPi fails.
I’ve played with the firewall rules and static routes and managed to get at least ping working, static route on my desktop managed to get to the site but was not stable.

Is there anyway to enable this bidirectional traffic, where did I go wrong or is this just not possible?


go to Luci->network->firewall

Find “wan” zone and change “input” to “ACCEPT”

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I tried that but still wasn’t able to get a connection. I could get ping working but SSH would not connect and would time out as would any connections to web interfaces, the ony thing I could get was the MT300 UI when using the assigned repeater IP. I tried turning off masquerade but still no joy.


Any other thoughts?


You need to enable forward from wan to lan as well.

Hi Alzhao,

I’ve reconfigured many times and all I can seem to do is get a ping response, I cannot get SSH to work for example - I’m trying to connect to an Raspberry Pi.

It’s as if there is a timeout set or it not routing correctly, I even tried with the relayd docs and that didn’t seem to work or help. Any other thoughts, should I be using WWAN instead of WAN for the forwards etc?

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you didn’t menstion relayd before. What does it do?

Maybe you need to post exactly what you have done. Otherwise it is difficult to find the problems.

Thanks Alzhao, I’ll try and go thru what I’ve done so far.

  1. Setup MT300A as a WISP repeater - Success as I’m able to use devices connected to the MT300A and browse the web and connect to other devices.

  2. My goal is to have setup an Raspberry Pi as a remote greenhouse controller, fans, lights, pumps etc. This uses an apache server and small web site on the Pi - this works great when connected to the network that the Pi is connected too however I want to be able to connect to it from the primary network via the MT300A.

  3. I have turned on ACCEPT for INPUT, OUTPUT and FORWARD on my two zones: LAN{LAN}->WAN and WAN{WWAN}->LAN and made sure that inter-zone forwarding is enabled for DEST and SRC. With a static route on my primary router I can ping devices behind the MT300A, but am unable to use SSH or browse the Pi web site.

  4. I found your doc with regards to relayd in another post so thought I would try that. I believe I set it up correctly but still I’m unable to browse or SSH the Pi. I’ve also found this link 404 Page not found - GL.iNet and have been trying to make that work too as well as your doc 404 Page not found - GL.iNet - but still no joy on the functions I’m looking for.

  5. So I believe relayd is what I want so that my repeated network is the same as my primary network and by doing that I should have the same access as if the devices are on my local network.

I have gone thru the docs a few times, so maybe I’m missing an obvious step - but I believe I’m doing it right and each time I change something slightly to see if that makes this work, note some of this is in the advanced settings as it not available in the main GUI and I’ve had SSH access to the router itself and made changes there directly.

Hope that helps and I appreciate the support.






I don’t see there is a problem. But too many configurations is made so need to test.

Maybe you don’t need to use relayd. Why don’t just use your Pi to connect to your main router directly via wireless? In the new version of PI there is wifi already. In older versions you can just install a small USB dongle. It is quite easy and quick without complex configurations.

Can your tablet connect to the Pi when it is connected to MT300A?

Hi Alzhao,

Yes a lot of configs have occurred. I did today manage to get relayd working once - however, I renamed the SSID and it broke - I was so close. So with that working once, everything I was trying to do all worked, so I think I need relayd to be able to have the bidirectional traffic.

As to the other question, I have a workshop ~120ft from my house, there is no Ethernet cabling to it, so I have to repeat the signal. Inside the workshop I have the Pi connecting wirelessly as it ~50ft from the MT300a (it a metal workshop so direct wireless is not an option).

Not sure this helps, but I have yet to get relayd to be solid in operation - I’ll do thru it again tomorrow and see if I can get closer.