Encrypted DNS related issues

Just installed 4.0 beta 8 for couple hours, I found some DNS related issues:

  1. DNSCrypt servers can’t be remembered ? (once you select couple servers, then you choose other type of encrypted DNS type, then switch back, you have to select the servers again)
  2. DoT is not working for me: (I select DoT+NextDNS combination, then enter my NextDNS ID, click apply then the DNS is not working, I can’t resolve any hostname and the system log has some Stubby repeatedly crash records )
    It reads that Stubby can’t parse the auto-generated configure file to cause the crash. (the configuration file it stated seems look normally)

Does DoH work in Adguardhome?

Yes, both DoT and DoH are working in AGH.

@yuxin.zou can you check this problem? It should be a bug in the UI.