End of Life?

HI, can you tell me where you post your end of life products, and do you phase them out im a controlled manner?

we use a lot of your devices and want to know when devices are nearing end of life so we can start testing replacements.

If you go to the main GL page here:

At the bottom you can see the currently discontinued products.

I guess the products go end of life if memory or processor starts affecting the UI performance, or if it gets removed from the OpenWRT device tree. Also i would say around 5 years after a product is launched it starts to go EOL as well, since focus goes to newer products.

@alzhao Can comment more on when devices get discontinued.

yup ive seen that but im more thinking product roadmap, ie the gl mifi 4g when will i need to start thinking about testing for a replacement @alzhao

GL-Mifi is about to be discontinued and we have a replacement product called GL-XE300. Learn more: GL-XE300 / Puli - GL.iNet