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Hi, we are deploying the Opals inside the enterprise for AV connections only. Mainly so iPads can control AV systems. Our requirements are these will never see any sort of live internet. Only live as an AP from a DHCP server in the automation system. Can I only backup/restore if they have Luci installed? Seems as if I can only get this activated if connected to the internet. I will have these all over the world, so touching each one isnt an option. Was hoping I could provide the AV vendors with the back up file, and they just load that to the Opal to have it configured. Am I missing something?

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first advice at all: Buy one and test if it will be compatible with your needs.

And now some answers to the other questions:

  1. Luci is preinstalled by default and doesn’t need any internet connection.
  2. Backups can be taken by using luci or by using the necessary SSH commands. Same for restores.
  3. There is no need for connecting the devices to the internet ever. But clients will know that there is no internet and might disconnect then. It depends on the devices’ behavior.
  4. Since it’s OpenWrt, you can script nearly everything. So instead of providing the backup file to the vendor, provide them your custom script.

The two that I have purchased thus far are giving me this screen. Only way I have been able to get Luci fully installed is to connect to the internet.

When I click on the advanced page: Luci Error Not Installed Yet.

  1. 3.0, you need to connect to the Internet first, install the luci package
  2. You can also upgrade to 4.0, which comes pre-installed with luci


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Ah, damn. Was not aware that they are shipped with 3.x. Never had any device running 3.x, sorry. :sweat_smile:

But you don’t need luci if you just want to get the devices up and running. Still everything can be scripted. So it’s totally up to you and up to your needs.

How many Opals are you looking to deploy?
You probably do not need the Web interface at all and could do most things using UCI.