EOL/support policy for gl.inet products

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Is there an expected EOL / support period for gl.inet products?
For instance, if I buy a product that was just released, for how long is it expected to get firmware updates/security fixes?


I think it’s about 3-5 years. But I could be totally wrong

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If the model is popular and we are not short of chips, it will not be discontinued. For discontinued products, The firmware support will go at least for one more year.
you can see discontinued products and its support period in Discontinued Products - GL.iNet (gl-inet.com).

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You state support for 1 year after your EOL announcement, but 3.216 is already running with a way out of date and no longer supported version of OpenWrt. We were lead to believe 4.x would be available in mid 2021. I fear all my products will be EOL long before 4.x is ever available. Being 2 years late on a release is just not cool, especially when we been living with known problems, and may never receive a fix for products we purchased 2 years ago.

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First, at least one year is not the same as one year fixed. We don’t announce exactly when support will cease until a product is discontinued. If you look at the support ends time in list, you will see that most products are supported for two years. such as them.

Secondly, I don’t know what your device model is, but the majority of devices that are currently still in support will be upgraded to 4.x. The first batch includes
MT1300, XE300, X750, AR750, AR750S, X300B, AR300M, MT300N-V2, SFT1200, B1300, and the plan is to go live with the stable version at the end of June.

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I have 2 USB150 that I have been waiting on fixes and features promised in 4.x for more than two years. See this post from early 2021:

Since these routers are not on the list you posted and they go EOL this year, I have doubts I will ever see this promised update.

After seeing multiple time frames given for 4.x on older products, l am the point that I will believe my routers will get 4.x fully released firmware when and if I ever see it.

So I can expect to get support while the product is active, plus around 1 year after it is discontinued.
That looks fine, it depends on the device but I guess it is going to be in general around 3-5 years.

PS: In my case, I have 2 Brume 1 (discontinued, support ends in 11/24) and 1 (+2 coming from Aliexpress) Brume 2 (active).

Thanks for the answer, just wanted to have an idea for how long the Brume 2 units would get updated, as I am going to place them at my relatives’ houses.

Thanks for the info!


USB150 will get 4.x firmware. The list is only for the first models, not for all models.

How about my microuter-N300? Will it also get 4.x?

Yes, it will get 4.x.

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@yuxin.zou Do you plan to release 4.x for AR300M also end of June?

Yes, firwmare version 4.3.2 for AR300M is being tested and we think it will be stable at the end of June.


Hi, I’ve been looking forward to the stable 4.x version expected by end of June for the B1300 (as predicted back on May 11th). Is there any update on when stable 4.x might come available please? Thanks very much!

The release is 2~3 weeks behind schedule due to less than smooth progress in testing and bug fixing.
It will come within this month.