Broken commitments! USB150

Two years ago, @alzhao (GL iNet Boss Man) posted that there were known issues with the USB150 that would not be fixed in 3.x, but would be fixed in the 4.x firmware which would be available mid-2021. See: Usb150 updated to 3.105 luci is not working well - #12 by alzhao

In May 2023, @yuxin.zou (GL iNet Staff) stated that the USB150 would be getting 4.x firmware. See: EOL/support policy for gl.inet products - #8 by yuxin.zou

It is now 2024 and as of December 31, 2023, the USB150 is now beyond its listed end of support date without ever receiving this promised firmware. GL iNet just let the clock run out.

I feel that we have been lied to and scammed. Anyone depending on fixes for known issues in any GL iNet router should be very concerned.