EP-06-A modem GPS

What is AT command on EP-06 modem to see if it obtained GPS fix and what are coordinates?

The EP06 module does have a GPS receiver inside, but it does not have an antenna, nor does any of the GL products include a GPS antenna (2019).

I would also not recommend using any of the build in GPS on the Quectel modules as it is very weak. You won’t get a signal indoors or even near a window and slow updates outdoors.

You are better using a dedicated GPS module such as the uBlox M8N. They are cheap and you can get commands over USB.

Quectel EP-06 does support GNSS, but you’ll have to use a passive antenna, which hurts performance indoors - active antenna can provide up to around 17 dB of gain, which is fairly significant considering the signal levels of GNSS…

See section 3.9.4 of the document below


to enable GPS - this isn’t in their AT commands doc

AT+QGPS=1 on /dev/ttyUSB2 and you’ll see the NMEA sentences on /dev/ttyUSB1