Error Add failed when adding mullvad VPN

The VPN service is active I can use it on my computer, but when I try to add it to the router it says “ERROR: Add Failed.”

Why is this?

More details needed:
Have you uploaded the ovpn file(s) successfully?
If yes, I suspect you got a user/pass error

I’ve done this before. I was using the wireguard client configuration. It worked before, I reset my router and went to do it again. Now it doesn’t work. Checked account number and verified it works

You add using the UI in Wireguard client → other tab, right?

You have to be in a place that doesn’t block Mullvad api. The router will need to fetch all servers from Mullvad.

Yes. I can add the open VPN profiles with no issue.

Which firmware version are you using? If you just reset the router, it should work like before, unless you had reinstalled gl-wg manually before.

3.003 . I reset my router and it didn’t help…Should I try to reinstall the packages or…?

Could you try to upgrade to the latest testing firmware? You can download it in here.

I upgraded to the latest build and now it works right away. Thank you.