Error listing directory '/etc/config'

My GL-AXT1800 has lost connection to VPN and rebooted itself today after more than 3 days of some initial promising consistency using the latest stable 4.4.6. This was disappointing and I decided to access router via WinSCP to backup my DHCP reservation prior to trying a different firmware but I ended up getting this error on WinSCP:


Any ideas what this signifies?

Are you able to log in via SSH and run:

ls -l /etc/config

I do not work for and I am not directly associated with GL.iNet

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I should have thought about trying that at the time, shouldn’t I? Unfortunately, I reset and reflashed with the snapshot version but will definitely try SSH if I come across this again. Just thought someone might know the reason for this error and why it has occurred after router’s spontaneous disconnection and reboot.

I think the router went into ‘failsafe mode’ mode during startup.

If you encounter a problem again, you can save the complete log information.

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Thanks. Will there be a way to get out of that ‘fail safe’ mode if it happens again?

Maybe this:

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