Error sending email

I already use port forwarding to access individual devices.
My doubt is what do I set?
Do I enter the IP of my single device or do I have to enter a range of addresses?
Or do I have to enter my VPN IPs?

Whoever manages my VPN tells me:
The only traffic that must enter the VPN is exclusively that towards the IPs 10.100.0.x/23, so it is not a matter of routing as the device has an address in that class (the address you assigned via OpenVPN…)

In fact, I have everything working except the output of e-mails and the only way to get them out, by doing the tests, was to put one of the two “Route Mode” settings

Good afternoon.

Can you give me this latest information?

To exit emails, which are clearly blocked by Mango, is it advisable to use "Auto Detect" or "Customizer Routing Rule"?
In the second case, what do I set in the "Target Address"? IP of my device connected to the LAN or IP of the VPN assigned to the OpenVPN Client?

These settings are not clearly explained in the documentation

Thank you

Sorry it is confusing. These are not correct questions I believe.

Let's start over.

  1. You set up vpn, in order to access the devices on the LAN side from the Internet, right?
  2. You don't need to route the devices from the LAN to vpn, right?
  3. The router and vpn does not block email. From the discussion it seems that the vpn is blocking email.
  4. Seems you have solved this case from your words.
  • As a first step I configured WAN in DHCP and LAN with fixed assignment of my device's IP via the mac address. (these two steps should be irrelevant to my problem)
  • I have configured the VPN and it connects successfully to my VPN server
  • I configured port forwarding and this works correctly and allows me to reach my device (web server)


  • If I am connected to the VPN the emails do not go out, if the VPN Client is turned off the emails go out
  • If I am connected to the VPN and with my PC on wifi at Mango I have no web traffic.


  • If I connect to my VPN with another device with an internal openVPN client, the emails work
  • If I do the same type of configuration on another industrial router (No GL-iNET) the emails go out and I can also browse the web

So from all the tests carried out the problem is limited and it is the Mango that blocks my internet traffic if I do not enter one of the Router Mode options in the VPN settings.
Therefore, with the VPN active, the only incoming traffic should be that towards the IPs 10.100.0.x/23, so it shouldn't be a matter of routing since the Mango has an address in that class.

In conclusion the questions are:

To exit emails, clearly blocked by Mango, is it advisable to use "Auto Detection" or "Custom Routing Rule"?
In the second case, what do I set in the "Destination address" field? IP of my device connected to the LAN or IP of the VPN assigned to the OpenVPN client?


Do you want the devices under Mango router, use the vpn to access Internet, or not?

The devices connected to the Mango LAN do not have to surf the internet, they just have to be able to send emails.
Our system then uses the VPN for a secure connection and the end user navigates the web pages via his browser

Pretty sure the mails are not blocked by the Mango - Mango isn't capable of this (at least not in default config)

So VPN is blocking here.
How do you send your mails? Smarthost or directly from your server?
What are the internal IPs of your devices?

From the tests carried out and described above, it is clear that it is the Mango that blocks the sending of emails.
My device, with linux firmware, sends emails directly.

As I said before: Mango isn't capable of this.

It may be that your experiments show different results - but I am quite confident that it is due to something else.

For example, IP networks.

For better understanding we need a network diagram including IP addresses.

The problem is in the configuration of the mode used in the VPN

with these four settings it doesn't work... the emails are blocked

with these two however it works and the emails go out
Immagine 2024-05-21 151921

I would like to understand the differences so as not to leave doors open where not necessary
What use of the two?

Use "based on Target Domain" and add your mail server as the exclusion.

Perfect, now sending emails also works
with this I should have found the solution to all the configurations I need to use Mango coupled to the system.

Thanks for all the support you have given me

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Happy that it was solved finally :slight_smile:

Make sure to read VPN Dashboard - GL.iNet Router Docs 4 to understand what each mode does.