Estimated speed to expect?

Hello, I wanted to ask what type of speed I could realistically expect from a GL-AXT-1800 router using WireShark multihop VPN whilst physically wired to a ISP router using a 500mb maximum speed capacity subscription. The VPN provider has been proven capable of 1gb per second connection speed with the right fiber subscription and a real router. Thanks

I got over 500Mbps download speed on GL-AXT1800 through WireGuard connection to NordVPN. Multihop may be lower as it may be limited by the weakest link.

I do not work for and I do not have formal association with GL.iNet.

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That is good to know so gives better reassurance of buying such equipment.
Strangely enough though I have tested a direct connection from the Mango with no VPN and the maximum I’m getting is in the mid 50s, I was expecting to see it do the maximum 300mbps but oddly not.

Just to add … The >500Mbps speed is with the GL-AXT1800 connected with Ethernet both to my ISP router and to my laptop PC.

If you connect your client computer over wifi to the GL-AXT1800, then the speed may be lower, depending on the wifi settings and the environmental conditions.

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Yes it will be over wifi as I only own a tablet PC which doesn’t have an ethernet port. The fact I’m not getting even half the 300mbps maximum from the Mango makes me wonder if my ISP router has an issue