Eta: gl-mt300?

I am anxiously awaiting the availability of your two GL-MT300 units. Can you provide an estimate of when they will become available?



The first small production run is finished. We will make them available on the store asap, probably end of this month.

Any news on this? :slight_smile: Could you send me one for testing and review purposes? :smiley:

Hey Alfie, whats up? All good?


What about these new routers, any ETA about this?

Hi, Rene,

We will put on store today as DEV boards first. No case!

Sounds great!

where to find it?


is the case sold as addon in the future? I also need a spare 6416 case because i got a 6416 without a case and i would like to add a case for it

@Rene, sorry. Still preparing materials. Hope to make it available tomorrow.


We put MT300N board on the website. The board is supposed to fit in the same case of AR150, but USB-A doesn’t quite fit in the hole.


We can include 6416 case for you in your next order. Pls leave a message with your order.

Hello Alfie, Thank you very much.

when will the mt300n be avaible? This router looks really nice with 128m ram


The one with 128M RAM is GL-MT300A.

We are still working on this.

Hi Alfie,

I just wanted to check that GL-MT300N does NOT come with a case?

On the product page it says “with enclosure”: 404 Page not found - GL.iNet

Would like to get this if it comes with enclosure, or else I will wait.


Big mistake. It is without enclosure.

Pls wait one or two weeks for final GL-MT300N

GL-MT300N is out now! Please check

Buy in our store today!