Ethernet Over L2TP

Good day community!!!

I have a question. I am setting up a L2TP tunnel between my GL.Inet router (1500 series) and a server. Fortunately, I am able to ping it. The thing is I want to have my remote network to be in the same broadcast domain as my HQ office.

The topology would be like this
------ HQ Office ------- ------ Remote Office -----
Host A ------ -------- Router ======L2TP======== Router ------- Host B

Idealy I want to have

Host A ------ -------- Router ======ETH / L2TP======== Router ------- Host B

The idea is that my host A can ping my host B using the IPs that are shown.

Any suggestions or ideas to accomplish this?

Isn’t you accomplish it?

If you want to accomplish site to site feature, you can easy to set it up with WireGuard.

Good day!

No unfortunately it is not accomplish. When I try to ping from host A ( to host B (
/24) it does not respond. I was reading about Ethernet over VPN and I believe that is what I need. The thing is that I do not know how to set it up using L2TP. Actually, its my first time doing this type of configuration. Do you have any docummentation about WireGuard?

What I meant about the ping is that I was able to ping the router but not host B. My L2TP tunnel comes up but as a Layer 3 so it separates my broadcast domains.