Ethernet Port Usage in Access Point Mode GL-MT6000

Hello I have a GL-MT6000 running firmware 4.5.8.

I recently acquired the Flint 2 router and would like to have it output the wireless network along with having usage of the ethernet ports for LAN access. I have a pfsense box upstream that handles all routing.

Things I have tried:
In Access Point mode the ethernet ports will not allow connectivity to the LAN.
In Drop-In Gateway mode the flint 2 router still wants to handle routing features, if I disable DHCP in this mode it will not pass on the DHCP routing from the pfsense box.

I previously had a router running DD-WRT in gateway mode which simply created a wireless network and acted like a switch allowing ethernet port usage on the box.

Thank you for any guidance. Perhaps I am missing something simply, I am open to any command line/shell or alternative firmware recommendations.

What do you mean this one?

I was experiencing odd behavior when an additional ethernet cord besides the cable coming from the pfsense box was plugged in it would cause the network to crash and the LED would flash. This has now ceased to happen since resetting the device.

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Looks like a problem caused by MAC address.