Ethernet Ports - 2 or 3?

Hoping someone can help clear something up that I cant find the answer to. The promotional information states 3x Ethernet - 1 x WAN, 2 x LAN but the pin out only has lines for 2 Ethernet ports. Am I missing something?

I’m pretty confident its only 2 but maybe someone has some insight. 3 would be way more useful.


Thanks in advance!

Domino Core has 3 Ethernet. One port is on the bottom of the board. two port is exposed to the edge.

Can you clarify this? when you say bottom - are there pads on the back side of the device that would be basically blind soldered? I cant find anything that calls this out.

I am looking to put the Core module on a custom PCB but I need 3 Ethernet ports. So far all i have found is P0 and P4 on the “official pinout”

Is the 3rd port accessible somehow off the core module? I am sifting through the git information but I have not yet found any mention of the 3rd port.

I found P0 on the Domino core pinout in the git files … thanks for the info!


edit; Is there anything that calls out the location of these pads? when I make the footprint it would be nice not to have to guess or measure manually.

Pls check the attached dxf

Thanks for the drawing. Are the schematics for the demo board in that DXF available? I am still working on a carrier board for the core module and knowing what additional components were used and how they were connected would save a lot of guessing.

Other than that, is there any documentation available other than the pinout pdf on the requirements for the board? I

Is there anything that clearly calls out which pin is which for the 3rd Ethernet port? I have seen the “Domino Core Pinout” PDF but its is not completely clear which pin is which. A coworker and I both interpreted it differently.

We are getting ready to route the board now and ran into this issue.