Explanation for extreme degradation in speed with Tailscale?


I just checked into a hotel with 215 Mbps symmetrical speed which I measured while connected via ethernet to my GL iNet Beryl AX (w/o Tailscale enabled). I turn on my Tailscale exit node and I’m getting 7 Mbps down, 10 Mbps up. My exit node is a Raspberry Pi 4B with a short wired connection to my router at home. Via ssh, I run “speedtest-cli” on the Pi and the result is around 800 Mbps download and 23 Mbps upload.

I understand my maximum download speed at the client side is going to be ~23 Mbps, but I’m not getting anywhere near that. I also realize I have a relay connection right now with Derp servers which definitely will decrease speeds, but should it really be this drastic? I wish it was direct connection.

Depends highly on the relays and why they have to relay. I would say that speeds like this are somehow normal for relayed communication.

You could try to use ZeroTier instead to check if the speed will be better.

It would probably have the same issue and just use ZeroTier relay servers instead. I doubt speed would be better since Wireguard actually has less overhead than ZeroTier.

It is more for understanding if Tailscale might be the issue. Never used it so I would at least try to figure it out.