Expnad storage on AR750

I want to expand the storage on my device. I was unaware of just how little storage this thing comes withbefore purchasing. I saw the price for an openwert device and jumped right in.

I have thrown in an 8Gb sdcard and was hoping to use it as extra space to install stuff.

I know this isn;t the right terminology but I was hoping to create a combined space for / (similar to how a striped RAID array would appear to Windows)

my plan for this little device was to create a captive-portal/hotspot all-in-one device. I can see packages for easyhotspot, coova, freeradius2.

Am I dreaming? Is this device ,with additional sdcard, man enough for the job?
Can I use the sdcard for extra storage for these roles (or for the install of the additional programs needed?)?

You can basically do anything you can do in linux. You can start by formatting the card to ext4 following this guide:

If i remember correctly the sdcard is not hot-swappable and is only detected on boot.

You can also move the root to the sdcard, but i don’t know about merging it like a raid:

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Moving/mounting sdcard as /, is good enough for what I need. thank you.

I will look into this further.


I did the change of SD card format to ext4 but I couldn’t get to work in the AR750.
I did the formating in windows 10.

What I need to do?