Express VPN - Multiple Locations (Slate AX (GL-AXT1800))

Hi i’m wondering if on a Slate AX (GL-AXT1800) is there a way via using Express VPN (Open VPN) to have different devices linked to Wifi pointed towards separate locations?

I.e want my apple TV pointed to UK server and Nvidia Shield TV device pointed to Australia server

Alternatively is it possible via app to quickly change server pointed towards on wifi router for Express VPN?

Thanks for any info on whether this is feasible.

I’d like to say it is possible but complicated.

In the firmware, you can have one OpenVpn and one wireguard.

You can use customized routing to route the traffic to each tunnel. But you need to know the IP addresses.

Thanks for response.

Have added an idea under the feature request thread.

Would like something similar to ‘device groups’ functionality that Express VPN offers on their router software:

As an Express VPN user id love for your router to become a supported device to be able to install the Express VPN software but to be more scalable and support other VPN tools id suggest to allow multiple Open VPN profiles to be enabled / activated and then via admin portal allow admins to associate devices to specific VPN profiles via MAC address