Expressvpn cove go firmware on GL-MT3000?


I am looking at purchasing the GL-MT3000 Beryl AX with the intention to uboot install Expressvpn aircove go firmware downloaded from Expressvpn account manager for their flexible GUI for routing devices to locations.

I believe that their GO firmware was based on the slate model so wondering if this would work or not due to hardware differences between the models. I understand the challenges of getting back to uboot if I manage to get the expressvpn firmware installed to be able to reinstall the original GL.iNET firmware and do so at my own risk.

Has anyone tried this and had any success?


The Aircove Go is based on the Slate AX design, Qualcomm.

The Beryl AX is Mediatek.

By all means you’re welcome to purchase a Diesel Car and fill it with Petrol, don’t be surprised when it doesn’t start though.

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Yes. I was wondering that if the underlying firmware were both based on OpenWRT would there be a way to make thier image work on the mediatek version depending on how the particular releases are compiled.

I’m not familiar with how unique each build is for OpenWRT regarding how platform support is bundled in but looking at release notes for GL.iNet updates it included both slate AX and Beryl AX in the same release notes so this is why I was hoping the firmware/OS could run on either platform - like how Windows can run on intel or AMD cpu.

After digging a little deeper in to OpenWRT to educate myself I decided to purchase the GL-AXT1800 Slate AX to avoid making my life more difficult than it needs to be :slight_smile:

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