Extend existing Verizon hotspot

Hi, looking to see if anyone could answer this question.
I am looking to get wifi to 20 small devices, that are actually scoreboards running on Fire Tablets.
I have an unlimited Verizon plan with the hotspot turned ON.
My problem is that I can only connect up to 10 devices to my phone hotspot.
If I use the GL.iNet GL-MT300N-V2 as a repeater/hotspot connected to my hotspot, will I be able to connect more than 10 devices to the GL device? Will the connection back to the phone hotspot understand that there is more than 10 connections, or does it just see the 1 connection from the GL device???

Mobile hotspot should see everything just as a single device (the Mango) and not realise you’ve got additional devices attached to the Mango :slight_smile: