Extend IP subnet from main to node

I have 2 MV-1000. The main site has 192.168.0 and the node has 192.168.8. and they are connected correctly on a site to site connection.

I am trying to see if it is possible to have the following.

DHCP range on main DHCP range on node
So normal internet traffic on main will go through 0.1 and from node will go out through 0.101.

Is that possible? I know I can restrict the DHCP ranges on both sides but then, will it work seamlessly when I connect the site-to-site connection?


The two routers using site-to-site must use different network segments. If you want them both to use 192.168.0.x at all, then you can set it to

  • main site:
  • node:

You need to change this in LuCI → Network → Interfaces → LAN. mask is, IP address is and
In addition, you will have to manually add these segments to the site-to-site to ensure they are accessible to each other.