Extend Signal Outdoors

I have a Slate AR750-S router tethered to my wireless provider (smartphone). I use it for my PC and my Roku. I want to set up a wildlife camera on my property, up in a tree. I checked the signal recently and I could connect to the 2.4 side of the router fine just at the tree line (about 200 feet), but once I move the device (smartphone) up into the tree, the phone shows it is connected to the router, but the software I am using (AirDroid) cannot connect. I am curious if this is a weak signal problem. Can an extender solve this problem? I was looking at a TP-LINK CPE210 access point. It needs to connect to the ‘source’ via ethernet cable. Can this be a solution using my Slate router?

Dennis Gillaspie

Just being connected may not mean that the connection is strong enough for consistent performance, especially 200 feet is pretty far away for the GL-AR750S at 2.4GHz. You can try https://www.speedtest.net/ to see if it runs successfully and what speed you are able to get.

The TP-Link CPE210 has a high-gain directional antenna and should be better at that distance. Ubiquiti has NanoStation models for long-range and I have an inexpensive Ubiquiti NS-5ACL (~$100) with OpenWRT installed (not stock firmware) that works as an access point that sends 5Ghz wifi over 200 feet away.

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Thanks for the help. I already have Speedtest on that phone, just have to climb 20 feet in the air to check it out. It’s a Samsung S9, so I am limited to 2.4 GHz equipment. Funny, I checked the Ubiquiti equipment listings, and the 2.4 models run higher than the 5 models everywhere except from the manufacturer, where they are the same price ($99). Do you think I could get away with one CPE210, or will I need 2?

This morning the connection is working.

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You can continue to monitor it over the few days to confirm if the connection is stable.

I have 3 Ubiquiti NanoStation models that are all 5GHz and that initially use their own proprietary O/S to optimize distance capability for point-to-point connections (I loaded OpenWRT on 1 of them). If you end up still requiring an additional access point, then I suggest considering the TP-Link CPE210 because I have used/are using various TP-Link devices that are straightforward and easier to set up.

Thanks for your help!