Extender Mode between two gl-ar300m, extending Guest Wifi

Hi - I have 2 gl-ar300m’s and need the following scenario:

  • gl-ar300m A = Router mode connected via WAN port to home owner’s home router and broadcasting it’s GUEST Wifi (Lets call it’s ssid GUEST-Wifi-A)
  • gl-ar300m B = Extender/WDS mode connecting/relaying GUEST-Wifi-A

So far A’s setup is fine. B’s setup doesn’t seem to relay GUEST-Wifi-A.

  • If I configure B’s wifi before putting it in WDS or Extender modes (call the ssids Wifi-B & GUEST-Wifi-B) they still appear after activating extender mode. Internet access is working though so the link is established.
  • Looking at signal strength, it’s not relaying GUEST-Wifi-A at all.
  • If I name GUEST-Wifi-B to be the same as A (ie GUEST-Wifi-A) then essentially it disappears. Signal strength implies I’m still only seeing A’s guest network.

How am I supposed to set this up correctly to act like a mesh network, all broadcasting the same ssid?

Does the same for the primary wifi as well.

I hope that all makes sense!

It should be simple.

Just change both SSID to the same.

Set Router B in WDS mode.

Thanks. Yup tried that… no internet access. Works fine if it’s a different ssid.