Extender mode causing other connected devices on home wifi not to work

Hi. So im having issues with ar750 slate when in extender mode. I have an asiair pro connected to is via ethernet cable on lan slot. In router mode i can connect to it no issues. But I would like to use it in extender mode so i can be inside my home anywhere to access it. And it works in extender mode. In that mode I can connect to the asiair but now everything connected via wifi to my home network wont connect. Any ideas?

Does your PC get IP address from your home network? Can you reconnect your pc to the lan port?

Im not sure. If by pc you mean asiair pro which is whats hard wired to the slate then im not sure. Also, how do I make sure the slate is connected as a client to my home wifi? I have the asiair connected with cat6 to one of the lan ports on the slate. Then I go into slate webpage and select extender mode. It connects to my home wifi and I can access the asiair pro via my ipad. But then everything else connected via wifi to my home network cannot connect. Tvs, ring cameras, etc.

As you said connecting as extender mode, I am asking if you have set up extender mode correctly.

You should use more settings->network mode and set up extender mode.

After you set up extender mode, your pc (which you use to set up the router), when connecting to AR750S, should get an IP from your home router, not 192.168.8.x.