Extender Mode not persistant

I use extender mode to extend a WiFi signal using a GLiNET Mango.
I connect using Pre Shared Key to the WIFI
GLiNET Mango provides me with two wired ports that I can connect wired devices to the Mango so their IP address are from the WIFI network. Everything work fine as expected.

However, the config is not retained after the Mango is powered off.

The issue is the mango does not remember or retain the extended config if it is powered off, and seems to forget the WIFI network.

It does come back in extended mode but wont connect to the WIFI that was configured last time

I use this as a default setup all the time and I would like to retain this config when I power the mango back on.

Is there a way of the mango staying in extended mode and remember the wifi network it was connected to, much like a standard wireless device does.

update 3.025

Mostly like it is a bug.

Pls do this:

When you cannot connect to the router, press and hold the reset button for 3 sections until the LED flashes faster to reset it back to Router mode. So that you can configure it again.

In router mode, go to repeater section and remove all saved SSIDs. And turn off auto scan and connect.

Then set up Extender again.

If this happens again, pls reset it to router mode and ssh to it and get logs:

cat /etc/config/wireless
cat /etc/config/network