External 4g antennas GL-X750v2 modem

I have 20 plus x750v2 router cell modem’s and a few of the have weak signals. They are installed outdoors in waterproof boxes. I was looking to add external outdoor antennas to the two sma ports on the back of the device. Looking for help with the best solution.



I use Poynting XPOL-1 on mine and it works fine in most places we have travelled to (Motorhome). Was looking at the XPOL-2-5G for an update, but currently saving my pennies!

In a fixed location, a directional high-gain antenna would probably give you better signal strength, versus an omnidirectional antenna. You should look up the antenna radiation pattern in the specs. There are cell tower maps and apps that will help you point the antenna at your carrier’s cell tower.

I used to have this antenna with a Wilson signal booster:

Make sure the antenna connector matches the router connector (which looks like SMA) or whether an adapter is required.

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Thank you both for your comments. I have tried small mag mount antennas with 10ft 174 cable with limited success on a few installs but I still have 2 that are just not getting enough signal. I order an amp for band 2 and a directional antenna that I will try when it comes in. I am hoping that this will solve my last 2 issues.