External aerial for 300m

Hi hope you can help, I have an 300m mini smart router ans was hoping I could use one of the u.Fl connectors to fit an external aerial or will I need to purchase the ar150-ext

You cannot connect external antenna to AR300M.

But you can purchase external antenna version of AR300M directly.

Thanks, just what I thought, do they support higher dBi aerials, was looking at a 2.4 ghz 15 dBi?
What about GL.iNet Gl-Ar150-ext as this has an external aerial, could this be substituted and this is about 1/2 price of the 300M in the UK?
Thanks for your help

You can connect high gain antenna.

Note, never operate the antenna while the router is powered on.

Hi Alzhao
Can an external aerial be used with GL.iNet Gl-Ar150-ext as these are 1/2 price the 300m here in the UK

You can use AR150-Ext

Brill is it sma connection