External antenna for GL-MT300N-V2

Can I adapt an external antenna to my GL-MT300N-V2 to get a better reception from my ISP that is far away?.If possible, where would the antenna be soldered?

MT300N-V2 can’t use external antenna. If you want to change a quality external antenna, maybe you need to buy a AR300M-Ext.

Ok… possible noob question here: I keep reading that the MT300N-V2 cannot use an external antenna, and it is true that there is no option for this in any of the documentation that I’ve seen. However, when I crack open the case, there are a couple of standard looking antenna connections on the board. (You can even see them on the photos on the official page.)

Are these antenna connections just not hooked up to anything electrically? Has anybody tried to connect antenna to these connections and confirmed that they do nothing?

Those are not for antenna. They are for radio calibration in factory.