External sd card speed up router performance

Hello I am thinking buy external sd card, but i want to speed up the performance of the router as fast as possible with this external storage.

Thank you

How fast do you expect with an external SD card?

I have a new Brume GL-MV1000W with a fast microSD card inserted and only get the following speeds over wired Gigabit ethernet:

Read Router → PC 13-15 MBps
Write PC → Router 5-6 Mbps

When I insert the same microSD card into my PC, I get 60+ MBps speeds for both Read and Write.

You may or may not do better on your Beryl.

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Ok so it depends on a quality of the sd card, any recommendations of the good quality sd card?

If you are looking to speed up the router, I can’t see why an external card would help. It will always be slower than internal memory. You’d be looking for a card only if you have OOM conditions getting in the way of something like a big adblock file, and needed a swap file. But that will still be slowing the router. No?

You may have misinterpreted my speed test. The microSD card is capable of much higher speeds than the router is capable of. It is capable of 60+ Mbps transfers on my PC, but only 13-15Mbps Read/5-6Mbps Write transfers from/to the router. Personally, I like the Kingston Canvas SD cards, but Lexar and Sandisk are also good, as long as you choose those with higher speed ratings. In particular, check the Write speeds because many SD cards have fast Read speeds, but much lower Write speeds.

My intention of the microSD card in the router is only to store/stream movies and to access miscellaneous files for travelling. Also, I can do backups of photos (jpeg, raw) wirelessly. The relatively slow speeds are adequate for my purpose, but definitely the router cannot act as a general purpose NAS storage device.

Hi guys… I am new to all this… so I’d like to ask you again… if I use my Mudi router only as a VPN router, should I insert a super fast SD card in order to speed it up?
Thanks a lot for your help in this matter!

No, an SD card isn’t going to speed up your network.

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