Extremely slow 4G data - Mudi

I have T-mobile service on my Mudi. It worked fine until about a week ago, then the Internet became slow or completely unresponsive in areas where our T-mobile phones had great reception. I have tried resetting the Mudi several times back to factory defaults and have reseated the SIM card. The LCD screen and Admin panel both show good cell signal strength but I am still only getting 0-100k throughput. Any suggestions?

Have you tried other SIM cards? I know carriers have some restrictions on router type devices

I don’t, but T mobile specifically sells data plans for 3rd party hotspots, and as I said our Mudi worked fine for weeks before it developed this problem.

It’s possible that your operation is limiting data plan usage on your router. Check with your carrier.

Check which band(s) the phones are using (if fast) vs the Mudi. I use my Mudi on Visible, and have it locked to bands 5/66 (which offer CA, too) since most devices on verizon will stick to band 13 (narrow, low frequency, and wayyyy congested) and try and aggregate with 66.