Extremely slow wireguard speeds when using iOS app configuration


I have the problem when I use the iOS app to login to my mullvad account and connect to a server from the app I only get up to 5Mpbs download and 35Mpbs upload.
When I use the web admin panel and login from there to mullvad, i get around 600Mpbs download and 40Mpbs upload.

I testet it with the same servers but every time I used the iOS app to connect to mullvad the download speed was always extremely slow.

Is there something I can do about or is this maybe a already known bug?

Router: GL-AX1800 Flint
Firmware: 4.1.0 Release6

Thank you.

Which server location are you separately connected to at Mullvad?

I tested it with the servers in Germany, like de-10 and de-33 but when I used the app the download was always below 6Mpbs.

Here are some speedtest it did, both were with the de-10 server and the slow one was from the app.

The issue was when using the web interface to pull the configuration, it already had MTU set to 1380.

But when I used the iOS app the MTU field was empty and had to add it manually, now it’s working finde after I set it to 1380 as well.

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