Factory Default

Hi! Recently, we found out GL_Mifi return to factory default setting after modem resetting more than 1000 times. Can I know how to prevent this problem occur? Thanks


May I know why you reset the modem for 1000 times?

I don’t think this is related thought. Have you installed too many software and make the flash full? If the flash is full, it cannot mount overlay systems and it seems it returned to factory default status.

Hi! we need to switch off the router due to the power constraint and we installed “nano” and “minicom” only. We’ve experienced two units out of 10 units that we installed for the past three months.

@hkkok, do you mean you reset the mifi not the modem for 1000 times?

If you still have the device in “factory default” state, I want to check something from the ssh. Can you ssh to the router and get some information, e.g. using “df” to get the flash storage status.

Yes, we did the router power off after transfer the data. I managed to capture one of the router log.

root@GL-MIFI:/# df

Filesystem 1K-blocks Used Available Use% Mounted on

rootfs 8064 1360 6704 17% /

/dev/root 6912 6912 0 100% /rom

tmpfs 30476 280 30196 1% /tmp

/dev/mtdblock5 8064 1360 6704 17% /overlay

overlayfs:/overlay 8064 1360 6704 17% /

tmpfs 512 0 512 0% /dev



By the way, is it possible to restore my backup setting using ssh command from my embedded unit?