Factory firmware is needed for GL-S10

Hi all,

I just got a new GL-S10 device to test AWS IoT connectivity. I was trying to update firmware of the device, but it failed after choosing aws 3.0.3 firmware. The device shows blinking power LED, never goes to pairing mode to configure with a smartphone. So, I’m locked, I can’t change the config because it never goes to the configuration mode. Can you send me the factory firmware of GL-S10; and also the recovery instructions; so I can recover it?

https://dl.gl-inet . com/?model=s10

Re: GL-S10 & Uboot

Silly me; I’d forgotten I was in IOT. Apologies, all.

User Manual - GL.iNet IoT Docs (gl-inet.com)
The S10 doesn’t have Uboot. Please try to reset or upgrade with button.
If it doesn’t work, then it needs to be disassembled to dealt with…

Hi, as a cost-effective device, the s10 cannot be re-falsh to factory firmware using uboot. It adopts the esp32 freertos solution. Therefore, in order to reset the factory firmware, it is necessary to disassemble the device and use USB to serial adapter to flash the device. Could you send me your email via private message. I will send the flashing guide and the factory firmware to you.

Thanks a lot, I have soldering skills so I can definitely do that.
I couldn’t send you a private message, here is my email address: